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3D2N Pulau Tioman

3D2N Pulau Tioman ITINERARY

Day 1

0 dives

Meet at Punggol Marina Country Club @ 1730hrs


Departure of vessel at 1800hrs with dinner served on board


Sail overnight to Pulau Tioman (sailing time between 10 – 12 hours)


Day 2

4 day dives + 1 night dive

Divesites (Pulau Jahat / Renggis Island / Chebeh / Tiger Reef / Pulau Labas)


*dive sites would be determined based on the best weather conditions and timing


Day 3

1 day dive

Dive at Bahara Rock

Estimated arrival time to Marina Country Club - 2130hrs to 2200hrs (dependent on currents)

**Please take note that DiveRACE reserves the right to:
- make changes to the timing and destination of the trip in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
- imposed a fuel surcharge if necessary

Embarkation / Disembarkation

Embark @ Marina Country Club

11 Northshore Drive Singapore 828670

Disembark @ Marina Country Club

Dive Trip Package

What is included?

What is excluded?

  • All nights’ accommodation on board
  • All meals (Western & Thai) snacks, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo
  • Towels, daily cabin services
  • Fresh hot towel and drink after every dive
  • Tanks, weight belt, weights
  • Dive guides
  • All flights & hotels stay
  • Marine Park fees (if any)
  • Port Fees
  • Dive & travel insurance
  • Massage services
  • Soft drinks, alcohol
  • Nitrox fills / special gases
  • Diving gear subject to availability

Dive Site Information

Water Temp: 27-29 degrees Celsius
Visibility: 10-20 meters
Dive Experience: Suitable for all levels
Best Time to Dive: March to October

Additional Trip Notes

Port fees: 30SGD/ diver or non-diver.
Dive Insurance is compulsory for this trip. We also strongly advise you to get travel insurance. Please check your travel insurance policy for your diving needs.
1. We recommend DiveAssure for your dive trip insurance. (single trip or all year coverage)
2. Diver Alert Network or DAN Asia Pacific
3. Alternatively, you can check TENET SOMPO TravelJoy Insurance for a single trip.

Trip Extra Services



Thai Massage

30 SGD per hour

Soft drink

2.50 SGD



Red Wine (Bottle)

50 SGD

Equipment Rental

Item Name

Rental Cost

Lost Equipment charges

Buoyancy Control Device

10 SGD per day

450 SGD


10 SGD per day

700 SGD


5 SGD per day

50 SGD


5 SGD per day

180 SGD


10 SGD per day

180 SGD

15L Aluminum Tank

10 SGD per day

300 SGD

Underwater Torch

15 SGD per day

120 SGD

Dive Computer

15 SGD per day

450 SGD

Full Set (Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, BCD, Reg)

40SGD per day


Nitrox Fills

15 SGD per fill


2lb Lead Weights

Free of Charge

10 SGD per piece

Weight Belt

Free of Charge

12 SGD


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