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  • 3D2N Pulau Tioman

    Visit the beautiful island of Pulau Tioman via our Liveaboards! A quick weekend getaway to recharge from your hectic work!

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  • 3D2N Anambas Islands, Reefs, Pinnacles & Igara Wreck

    Explore the healthy corals of the Anambas islands. Clear waters and widespread corals make these islands wonderful for divers!

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  • 4D3N Anambas Islands, Reefs, Pinnacles & Igara Wreck

    Long holiday weekends are the best! Join us and dive more as we head to the wrecks. Get a chance to dive with Whalesharks during October!!

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  • 5D4N Similan Islands / Koh Bon / Koh Tachai / Richelieu Rock

    Dive the best dive sites in Thailand! The Similan Islands are famous for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Mantas and Whalesharks are frequent visitors to these waters.

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  • 6D5N Holiday Similan Islands / Koh Bon / Koh Tachai / Richelieu Rock

    Celebrate the holidays on board our Liveaboards and be pampered to fireworks during the trip. :)

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  • 6D5N North to South Andaman Dive Safari

    Dive the best dive sites in the west coast of Thailand and enjoy yourself on board our Liveaboards!

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  • 6D5N South to North Andaman Dive Safari

    Explore the Andaman dive sites as we start from South Phuket and dive along the way up to Richelieu Rock!

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  • 8D7N Mergui Archipelago

    New dive destination for DiveRACE! Explore the rarely visited beautiful islands of Myanmar. Surprising dive sites with healthy marine life awaits!

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  • 4D3N Acasta Rock, Reef & Wreck

    Join us to sail far east of Bintan and explore new dive destinations with MV DiveRACE Class E!

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  • 8D7N North to South Andaman

    Long Trip covering all the best dive sites in the Thailand West coast!

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  • 5D4N South Andaman, Hin Deang, Hin Muang

    Explore the southern andaman dive sites with MV DiveRACE Class E as we add more destinations to our list. Hin Deang & Hin Muang are famous dive sites that is visited occasional by the Whalesharks and Mantas!

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  • 3D2N Banzai Wreck South Side Expedition

    Sail with us to a wreck that only we know about! Exploration Trip only for advanced divers!

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  • 3D2N Igara Wreck

    Explore the nooks and crannies of Igara wreck over a weekend on board the DiveRACE Liveaboard! A huge tanker sitting at 40m deep water near to Bintan, it is one of the best wreck diving one can get in this region!

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